How long does water light injection recover

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As I grow older, my skin becomes flabby, dull, dry, rough, dull and flushed. After being introduced, I went to a regular beauty salon and injected water light needle. The effect was very good. Let me share with you how long it takes to recover.

How long does water light injection recover

First of all: after water light injection is not permanent, can only maintain for a period of time, and then want to skin care, but also continue to play water light injection, generally can maintain 2-3 months. The second time can be done in 20 days after the first time. The third time and the fourth time can be done after a month. It can be divided into four times as a course of treatment. The four times of a course of treatment can be maintained for about 1-1.5 years.

Secondly, the effect of water light injection is limited. After the water light needle enters the dermis, it will hydrate with the cells, thus promoting the blood microcirculation and the absorption of nutrients by the skin. It will also be continuously diluted and absorbed. When the injected hyaluronic acid is absorbed by the body, it needs to be re injected for maintenance.

Finally: water light injection is not just a hit on the end, the more hit the skin, the better, after a course of three times, the effect is amazing. After that, if possible, play once every three months or half a year. The more you hit the skin, the more tender and transparent it is. Water light injection is not micro plastic, it belongs to skin management, high-end care products.

matters needing attention

They should make up more water every day. Shuiguang needle has the multiple effects of moisturizing, promoting, whitening, improving fine wrinkles, dry lines and some real wrinkles. After using Shuiguang needle injection, the whole face is full of firmness and tenderness.