Colon cancer with renal metastasis?

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In recent years, colon cancer has become one of the malignant tumors threatening human health. If the early symptoms of colon cancer can not be found and treated in time, it is likely to develop to the middle and late stage, and some patients will have liver metastasis of colon cancer. Liver metastasis of colon cancer is one of the important factors leading to death, so once liver metastasis of colon cancer is found, it should be treated quickly. Colon cancer with renal metastasis? Let's talk about it.

Colon cancer with renal metastasis?

1. Hematogenous metastasis: generally, cancer cells or tumor emboli reach the liver first, then the lung, brain, bone and other tissues and organs along the portal vein system. The metastasis of this kind of colon cancer is usually caused by the invasion of the tumor into the capillary venules, but it is also caused by pressing the tumor mass during physical examination, squeezing the tumor body during operation, and even strong peristalsis during obstruction, which can promote the cancer cells to enter the blood.

2. Invasion and implantation: cancer can directly infiltrate the surrounding tissues and organs, which is also a common way of colon cancer metastasis. Cancer cells fall off in the intestinal cavity and can be planted on the mucosa elsewhere. They fall off in the abdominal cavity and can be planted on the peritoneum. The metastatic foci are nodular or miliary, white or grayish white and hard. Dissemination of the whole abdominal cavity, can cause cancerous peritonitis, ascites and so on.

3. Organ metastasis: liver is the main distant metastasis of colon cancer, about 50% of patients will have liver metastasis before or after operation. The data also showed that about 30% of the patients had occult liver metastasis which could not be detected by B-ultrasound or CT before operation. Resection of liver metastases from colorectal cancer is safe and may improve the long-term survival rate of patients with metastases. However, only a small part (10% - 20%) is suitable for surgical resection, and 70% of them recur after operation. This is also a common form of colon cancer metastasis.

matters needing attention

For patients with colon cancer, we should have a positive and optimistic attitude to treat this disease. In daily life, we should correct some bad living habits in time, develop good work and rest habits, eat more food that is good for the body, and take some physical exercise appropriately, Avoid spicy food.