What does the symptom before darling pneumonia have

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If children's cold cough is not treated in time, it will turn into pneumonia, and other reasons will also cause. The symptoms should be found in time and treated early. Next, let's introduce the symptoms of baby's pneumonia.

What does the symptom before darling pneumonia have

Symptom one: breathing can be seen. When the child has pneumonia, when the situation is more serious, there will be cough, asthma, and even breathing difficulties. Dyspnea can be manifested in suffocation and purple lips.

Symptom 2: look at the baby's mental state. Baby cold, although the spirit is not as usual, can still go out to play, to run, to jump. However, when the child got pneumonia, mental state decreased significantly, there will be irritability, crying, noisy, not quiet.

Symptom 3: persistent fever. If the temperature is above 38 ℃ and does not subside for several consecutive days, it means that the child is suffering from pneumonia. Parents should not let the child burn any more, otherwise there will be a tragedy that they do not want to see, and they should treat it as soon as possible.

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The early symptoms of infantile pneumonia need to be understood. To find the symptoms in time to be able to treat in time to get the basic cure.