Pneumonia eat what good fast?

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Pneumonia is a kind of lung disease with great harm. We must pay attention to it. If the symptoms are mild, there is nothing. Especially children are more likely to have pneumonia. When the baby has pneumonia, parents need to treat the child as soon as possible, and choose appropriate treatment methods and drugs. According to the introduction, traditional Chinese medicine has a good effect on the treatment of pneumonia, Today, let me share with you what's good for pneumonia?.

Pneumonia eat what good fast?

First, eat more high protein and nutritious foods, such as lean meat, beef, mutton, pig liver, eggs, poultry, fresh fish, eel, shrimp, milk and bean products.

Second: staple food with rice, rice porridge, steamed bread, steamed buns, wonton, noodles and so on. Eat more fruits, such as watermelon, pear, apple, orange, orange, grape, water chestnut, etc.

Third, the cold fruits we eat are cantaloupe, watermelon, mango, persimmon, pear, banana, grapefruit, etc; Warm fruits include litchi, pomegranate, longan, durian, apricot, coconut, cherry, etc.

matters needing attention

Above is pneumonia eat what good fast? I believe you have learned a lot about the whole content. If the baby's fever exceeds 39 ℃, you can first use physical cooling method to cool down, or give antipyretic medicine at the same time. When the baby is feverish, you should wear wide clothes for the baby. Don't cover the baby with too thick quilt. You should reduce the clothes appropriately to help heat dissipation. You should wipe and keep the clothes dry regularly for the baby, After taking antipyretic medicine, be sure to give your baby more water, which is conducive to sweating, antipyretic and replenishing water lost in the body.