How did darling abdomen squeeze an eye to drop a bit of water to return a responsibility

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When Baobao was born, doctors usually bandage the baby's umbilical cord, which can protect the umbilical cord. But after discharge, parents still need to take good care to avoid inflammation. But many novice parents will not take care of it. Here's how to know if the baby's stomach is squeezed out and there is a little water.

How did darling abdomen squeeze an eye to drop a bit of water to return a responsibility

First: generally, when leaving hospital, the doctor will bring a small bottle of iodophor and cotton swab, which are used to care for the baby's umbilical cord. Before nursing the baby at home, the mother must wash her hands first, and try to wash her hands with soap before cleaning the baby.

Second, pay attention to nursing 1-2 times a day. When cleaning, you can use 3 cotton swabs to dip some iodophor, and wipe it from the root of the baby's umbilical cord, from the inside to the outside. If you wipe the outside cotton swab, you should throw it away. You can't wipe the inside again. After using 3 cotton swabs in this way, wipe off the excess iodophor with a dry cotton swab to keep the umbilical cord dry.

Third: pay attention to the diaper can not touch the bag of umbilical cord cloth, otherwise it will wet the umbilical cord, especially the male baby, a urine may wet the umbilical cord, so we must take good care, if the umbilical cord cloth is wet, we must replace it in time, never use the baby wet umbilical cord cloth.

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In conclusion, infantile diarrhea is mainly viral or bacterial gastroenteritis. Note that the size of the diaper should be appropriate, so as not to cause infection by rubbing the umbilical cord, and pay attention to keep the gauze dry, so as to avoid the growth of bacteria. It is forbidden to apply cream, emulsion and oil to the roots of the umbilical cord, so as not to cause the umbilical cord to be dry or even cause infection.