Uterine fibroids malignant symptoms?

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Hysteromyoma is a kind of tumor in women's uterus, which is generally benign. Is hysteromyoma an incurable disease? In fact, it's not very difficult to treat hysteromyoma. However, because many women don't care about the onset of hysteromyoma, they delay the time of treatment, and it's easy to make the disease worse. What's the symptom of malignant transformation of hysteromyoma? Let's talk about it.

Uterine fibroids malignant symptoms?

Hysteromyoma is not terrible. It is the most common benign tumor in female pelvic cavity. The malignant transformation rate is very low, only about 4-8 ‰. If uterine fibroids grow rapidly in a short time or accompanied by irregular bleeding, the possibility of canceration should be considered. Most patients with uterine fibroids have no symptoms, and some patients may have symptoms earlier.

If submucous myoma, irregular vaginal bleeding may occur earlier; Subserosal leiomyomas can grow very large without symptoms; If the tumor is large, it may have menorrhagia, often accompanied by blood clots, the duration of menstruation is prolonged, and the interval is shortened.

The patient may occasionally find a mass in the lower abdomen, such as myoma growing in the front wall of the uterus, and when the volume is large, it can compress the bladder, and the patient may have the symptoms of frequent urination and urgency.

matters needing attention

Many patients will relax their vigilance. In fact, hysteromyoma is like buying a time bomb for the patient's body. As long as the patient is actively treated, it will be safe and sound, but if the treatment is not timely, it will cause great danger