How does newborn baby head hematoma do?

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My baby was born in July this year. It was a natural birth. At birth, there was an apple sized hematoma on the left side of the head. The doctor said that it would be absorbed and disappeared within a few months, and we didn't care too much. The baby is now nearly four months old. The hematoma is much smaller than before, but it still looks like the size of an egg, and it's hard to touch with your hand. The baby's face looks lovely, and the head is so ugly. Let's take a look at the following.

How does newborn baby head hematoma do?

First: the baby's head hematoma, usually because the baby in the process of production, the fetus through the birth canal, skull because of excessive pressure, cause subperiosteal hemorrhage, known as skull hematoma. Many of the hematomas in the head can be absorbed by the baby's body, and no special treatment is needed. However, if the baby's head hematoma has more bleeding, it may cause anemia. At this time, an appropriate amount of blood transfusion should be carried out.

Second: mothers should not worry about the baby with hematoma in their head. The hematoma in the head will be gradually absorbed by the body with the growth of the baby's age. It will not affect the child's future life, but the baby's head shape will not be good-looking temporarily. For the baby's head hematoma, try not to use a syringe to puncture and draw blood, because you do not move it, it will be slowly absorbed under sterile conditions, otherwise it is prone to infection.

Third: for the baby with hematoma on the head, mothers can normally keep the baby's head and body clean in daily life, and mothers can gently wash the baby's hair and bath. But should pay attention to just don't use the hand to rub the child's head lump, don't do some cold compress, hot compress and other improper disease treatment. In order to avoid the baby's head hematoma lesions, let the lump slowly absorbed by the body.

matters needing attention

The hematoma of the child's head is generally absorbed by the body slowly, but if the baby's hematoma suddenly increases, reddening or the child has a fever, you have to go to the hospital in time, because this is a sign of secondary infection, to avoid delay in treatment, I wish you good health.