Can bladder cancer eat bird's nest

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Uncle's family recently specially prepared bird's nest for uncle, because uncle is actually a bladder cancer patient. After stewing bird's nest, he thought of a problem. I don't know if bladder cancer can be eaten. Now let me talk about whether bladder cancer can be eaten with bird's nest.

Can bladder cancer eat bird's nest

First, we can eat bird's nest for bladder cancer. At the same time, according to the specific pathology, location and syndrome of the patient, we can choose the traditional Chinese medicine to strengthen the body and fight cancer according to the theory of "three syndrome differentiation and treatment of cancer". The prognosis is very good and we can get long-term survival.

Second, bird's nest can prevent cancer and the rehabilitation of cancer patients after chemotherapy and radiotherapy, restore vitality, supplement nutrition and improve immunity. But for patients without treatment or with advanced cancer, it's like fighting a fire, and it doesn't help at all. During the treatment of cancer, we should "live like an emperor and eat like a beggar", but maybe the bird's nest is too delicious, and some people are still reluctant to give up.

Third: at the same time, it is pointed out that for patients with advanced bladder cancer and digestive problems, they should pay great attention to eating bird's nest, because they can't eat tonic food. Indigestion will only aggravate the disease and increase the burden on the body.

matters needing attention

As we all know, bird's nest is of high nutritional value. It can recover the vitality of patients with bladder cancer after chemotherapy and radiotherapy. Patients with bladder cancer can eat bird's nest, but it should be noted that it is generally not recommended for advanced bladder cancer.