What breast enhancement method is the most effective

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Plump chest is what every woman yearns for. Having a proud and straight chest will make a woman more attractive. Maybe you are still worried about your flat chest. Here I summarize three simple and fast effective breast enhancement methods to share with you.

What breast enhancement method is the most effective

First: point breast method to show explanation: some women after lactation, there will be obvious breast sagging and so on. This is because women in lactation, eating too much and good, resulting in excess fat accumulation in breast parts, leading to breast ptosis. For women after lactation, breast enhancement by acupoints should be the most suitable method. The advantage of breast augmentation by acupoint pressing lies in using the principle of acupoint pressing of traditional Chinese medicine, without taking medicine or injection, promoting the development of mammary gland and acinus through the manipulation of traditional Chinese medicine technicians, so that the breast can be rapidly promoted and get twice growth. Warm reminder: Although breast-feeding may affect the beauty of the breast, breast-feeding is the key to the healthy growth of the baby. Therefore, women must not give up breast-feeding for the sake of beauty!

Second: food therapy breast enhancement method 1, wine with appropriate amount of water, microwave about 2 minutes; 2, or made into wine eggs, wine dumplings. It's better to take it once in the morning and evening before menstruation. The spirit of heaven can have a devil's body, and wine brewing is indispensable. Many nutritionists also agree with the breast enhancement effect of wine brewing. Because wine contains natural hormones that can promote the fullness of women's chest cells, its alcohol also helps to improve the chest blood circulation.

Third: essential oil massage breast method, appropriate massage can dredge the chest blood circulation, let the breast more healthy and full. But pay attention not to use all kinds of breast essential oil, the faster the effect, the more likely to add a variety of hormones, and will quickly shrink after stopping rebound. Remember, it's not the essential oil that works, it's the massage technique, and the essential oil just acts as a lubricant. You can choose in the bath, while the shower gel or soap on the body wet and slippery when massage. Of course, if you are not afraid of trouble, you can also configure your own massage Essential oil.

matters needing attention

According to modern nutrition analysis, peanut is rich in protein and oil; jujube can produce body fluid and regulate endocrine; Astragalus can promote qi and blood circulation. The combination of the three can upgrade the chest size to your satisfaction, warm the uterus and improve the pregnancy rate.