What reason is leucorrhea peculiar smell after ovulation period

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Summer, the weather is particularly hot, can cause gynecological diseases, some female friends will appear leucorrhea has peculiar smell symptoms. Today, let me share with you what causes the peculiar smell of leucorrhea.

What reason is leucorrhea peculiar smell after ovulation period

First: leucorrhea with a fishy smell, probably suffering from fungal vaginitis, also may be due to vaginal bacilli inspired part of vaginitis, these diseases, will cause different degrees of abnormal leucorrhea.

Second: because the female friend's genital tract got uterine inflammation, or trichomonal vaginitis, leucorrhea often exudes a fishy smell, especially for elderly housewives, if leucorrhea stinks, go to the hospital immediately for examination.

Third: leucorrhea odor to cause attention, but do not blindly medication, if in addition to leucorrhea odor, but also with vaginal burning, itching, vulva moist, it is best to do a cervical examination, if nothing, so you can rest assured.

matters needing attention

Patients should pay attention to, but not blindly medication, to the hospital to do some systematic examination is particularly important. After mastering the method of dealing with the peculiar smell of leucorrhea, female friends had better use weak acid female care solution to clean the pudenda at ordinary times.