What medicine does cold have a fever take most effective

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Wind cold cold, people will have such a performance, on the one hand, obviously afraid of cold, on the other hand, the body will be in fever. When the injury to the lung, it will cough, expectoration, cold, sputum is mostly thin white phlegm. According to the disease state of wind cold attacking the surface, the drugs are mainly pungent warming to relieve the surface, dispersing the lung to stop cough, and then the drugs are selected according to the main accompanying symptoms. So let's share the most effective medicine for cold and fever.

What medicine does cold have a fever take most effective

Drug 1: in western medicine, there is no difference between fever and non fever. As long as it is a cold, it is collectively referred to as upper respiratory tract infection, or Shanggan for short. Most of it is caused by virus infection. You can use antiviral drugs, such as "ribavirin" or "ribavirin", or add "chlorpheniramine" or "vitamin C Yinqiao Tablets". No matter what kind of cold it is, the virus has a self limitation, It usually takes a week to get better. Taking medicine only relieves or eliminates its symptoms

Medicine 2: according to the etiology, cold can be divided into three types: wind cold type, wind heat type and summer heat type. Hot cold is wind heat type cold, which is characterized by severe fever, slight chills, headache, nasal mucus or yellow mucus, sore throat, cough, yellow phlegm, thirst, yellow tongue coating or malady. It is suitable to Xuanfei Qingre, Xinliang jiebiao, Yinqiao Jiedu pill, Sangju Ganmao tablet, Lingyang Ganmao tablet or Ganmao tablet Qingre Granule was taken orally.

Medicine 3: wind cold type cold is characterized by headache, no sweat, limb pain, nasal congestion, runny nose, cough, white phlegm, no thirst, white tongue coating. It should be treated with Xinwen jiebiao, Xuanfei Sanhan. Chinese patent medicine can choose Ganmao granule, tongxuanlifei, Xiaochaihu tablet, etc. For summer heat type cold, it is better to clear away heat, clear Qi and separate heat, and choose Huoxiang Zhengqi granule or oral liquid.

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This article introduces the most effective medicine for patients with cold and fever. After reading this article, we should know what medicine is the most effective for patients with cold and fever. Using potato food instead of refined white rice flour as staple food can provide a large amount of vitamin C, vitamin B1, potassium, dietary fiber, etc. while they are full. Yam, taro and sweet potato also contain mucilage with immune promoting activity Protein is very helpful for improving resistance. In addition to potatoes, eating more dark red or black coarse grains and beans is also helpful to improve immunity.