What does sore not collect mean

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Sore is not convergence in fact, in the process of treatment, the wound can not heal, it is very important to actively find the reason to solve. Let's take a look at the meaning of sore not convergence.

What does sore not collect mean

First of all: sore not convergence is the wound does not heal. Sores and ulcers are the general name of all surface suppurative infectious diseases caused by various pathogenic factors, including acute and chronic. In ancient China, it was used to refer to a variety of surgical diseases. Later, surgery was divided into two categories: sore and miscellaneous syndrome.

Secondly, no matter what kind of pathogenic factors, sores can lead to a series of local and systemic pathological reactions. When the above-mentioned pathogenic factors invade the human body, it will destroy this physiological function, cause local Qi and blood stagnation, Ying Wei disharmony, meridian obstruction, and produce swelling and pain symptoms.

Finally: mild fever, thirst, constipation, rash and other diseases; severe nausea and vomiting, restlessness, delirium, cough, blood in sputum and other diseases, the situation is more serious, and even a crisis to the lives of patients.

matters needing attention

Sore can be effectively prevented, in life, people should pay attention to maintain good mood, especially in the life of too much pressure, but also to do a good job of self-regulation. In the diet and usual work and rest, it is best to be fixed, and appropriate physical exercise.