How much does painless microtubule stream of people cost

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Now people's concept of sex is more and more open, especially young people don't pay attention to contraception. Many young female friends need painless abortion due to accidental pregnancy, but they have been worried about the cost. This problem bothers many friends. Some time ago, I did painless abortion due to accidental pregnancy, and now I'm recuperating at home I'll explain to you about the cost.

How much does painless microtubule stream of people cost

First, painless abortion price is not too high, painless abortion may need about 1500 yuan. It is suggested to go to a regular hospital for examination and treatment. It will be safer. Usually need to pay attention to rest, abortion surgery, need anti-inflammatory treatment for a week. You need to ban sex for a month.

Second, painless abortion to large hospitals to do, painless abortion to use intravenous anesthesia. Intravenous anesthesia is a kind of general anesthesia, that is, intravenous injection of anesthetics. For the sake of safety, some large hospitals will require to be hospitalized one day before the operation until the anesthesia recovers and the vital signs are stable. Due to more anesthesia and hospitalization procedures, the cost is more than 1000 yuan.

Third, different hospitals have different costs. It depends on the level of the hospital and the items that the hospital requires to check. The general operation cost plus the inspection cost plus the postoperative medicine cost is about 1000 yuan! Certainly hurt the body, painless abortion is carried out under general anesthesia, people in sleep, have a certain impact on the central nervous system. There is damage to the uterine wall.

matters needing attention

Now do more and more people, because people caused a lot of sequelae, so do people must pay attention to, in this period of time, pay special attention to keep the vulva clean, postoperative half a month don't bath, in order to avoid dirty water into the vagina, lead to bacterial invasion, cause infection. Do not share the same room within one month after abortion. Otherwise, it will have a great impact on your uterus.