Oral pre STD symptoms?

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As we all know, the oral cavity is used to speak and eat. Do you know that some common sexually transmitted diseases also have obvious lesions on oral mucosa? We can find traces of STDs in our mouths. It's good for protecting yourself and others. Oral pre STD symptoms? I'd like to share my views with you.

Oral pre STD symptoms?

1. Gonococcal pharyngitis is more common in clinic. It is mainly manifested as mucosal congestion of lips, cheeks, tongue, gums and floor of mouth, erythema, even fiery red mucosal surface. Ulcers with a diameter of 2-3cm can also occur, and the surface is covered with yellow white pseudomembrane. Congestion, redness around the throat, scattered small blisters on the surface, hoarseness.

2、 Condyloma acuminatum can affect the lip, cheek, gum, palate, tongue and throat. At the beginning, it was light red papule, gradually increased and fused into papillary verruca, such as cauliflower. The color is dark red, gray white or gray yellow, and the surface is moist, soft and stinky. With the increase of condyloma acuminatum, it can block the respiratory tract, cause dyspnea and endanger life.

3、 Syphilis syphilis is caused by sexual intercourse, kissing, feeding, blood transfusion, sharing eating utensils and so on. It is acquired syphilis. Congenital syphilis is transmitted by placenta. No matter which stage of syphilis, there may be oral manifestations.

matters needing attention

Usually must pay attention to, sexual life must be clean, so that it is not easy to suffer from syphilis, syphilis is through sexual transmission, syphilis treatment should also pay attention to, can't and sexual partners in the same room, otherwise it will be infected, can't eat spicy food, if there is discomfort, to the hospital in time, listen to the doctor's arrangement.