How is lactation tit hard to return a responsibility

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During my internship, I have seen many female friends have nipples after breast-feeding, accompanied by obvious tenderness, which is closely related to their usual living habits. So how is lactation tit urticant to return a responsibility? Today I'm going to share with you how to treat itchy nipples during lactation.

How is lactation tit hard to return a responsibility

First: lactation nipple itching may be suffering from eczema, can go to the hospital to open some drugs to inhibit eczema, topical treatment. Nipple hair may also be caused by calcium deficiency. Mother can eat some calcium food, can reduce the symptoms of hair Xiang.

Second: lactation nipple itching can also be caused by the baby sucking nipple, the mother should often clean, after a few days will be fine.

Third: the diet in daily life, to eat less spicy, easy to get angry food, can relieve the symptoms of nipple.

matters needing attention

Do not give the nipple medicine, baby lactation drugs will affect the health of the baby.