What is femoral shaft fracture

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In our daily life, we often encounter all kinds of accidents, which often lead to fractures. Next, I would like to share with you what to do with femoral shaft fractures.

What is femoral shaft fracture

First of all, the femoral shaft fracture will lead to people's movement is limited, and if not treated in time, there will be obvious inflammation, and even lead to necrosis of the femoral shaft.

In fact, manual reduction: in the treatment of fractures, manual reduction is the most widely used and safer. After reduction, we must carefully check the shape and length of the fracture of the affected limb to see if it has returned to normal. After proper and effective external fixation, X-ray fluoroscopy or radiography were performed to confirm the reduction results. If the reduction is not good, it should be corrected according to the need.

Finally, functional exercise: through the muscle contraction of the injured limb, increase the blood circulation of the tissues around the fracture, promote fracture healing, prevent muscle atrophy, through active or passive activities of the unfixed joints, prevent joint adhesion, joint capsule contracture, etc., so that the function of the injured limb can return to the normal state as soon as possible.  

matters needing attention

After the occurrence of femoral shaft fracture, you should rest in bed with oil in your daily life and quit smoking and drinking at ordinary times, which is very helpful for the treatment. Try to drink less carbonated drinks and pay attention to your work and rest arrangements during the treatment.