How did tuberculosis relapse to do

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Pulmonary tuberculosis is a chronic infectious disease caused by Mycobacterium tuberculosis, which can invade many organs. Pulmonary tuberculosis infection is the most common, which is a serious threat to people's health. It is not necessary for human body to be infected with pulmonary tuberculosis. When the resistance is reduced or the cell-mediated change response is improved, it may cause clinical disease. Different types of pulmonary tuberculosis have their X-ray imaging characteristics. If they can be diagnosed in time and given reasonable treatment, most patients can recover. Tuberculosis relapse how to do to tell you.

How did tuberculosis relapse to do

First: the recurrence of tuberculosis patients will appear low fever, night sweats, fatigue, anorexia, emaciation, female menstrual disorders; there are respiratory symptoms, cough, expectoration, sputum with blood or hemoptysis, chest pain, and varying degrees of chest tightness or dyspnea and other symptoms. Should go to tuberculosis hospital to check sputum, chest X-ray, CT is better, can clear the condition of the lung.

Second, the recurrence of tuberculosis is not easy to find. In terms of treatment, we should pay attention to: drug sensitivity test; change the way of administration; combination of Chinese and Western medicine; acupoint injection. For patients with tuberculosis who can not tolerate western medicine, traditional Chinese medicine treatment is a good way to maintain their own health.

Third: if it is clear that the recurrence of tuberculosis, should go to the regular hospital for examination, according to the doctor's guidance, rational drug use. For patients with drug-resistant tuberculosis, we should consider improving the patient's physique, and adopt comprehensive treatment. The combination of traditional Chinese and Western medicine is the first choice for the treatment of multi drug resistant tuberculosis.

matters needing attention

Patients can choose Qigong, health care, Taijiquan to exercise their body. Don't be partial to food, diet generally need to be wide and diversified, eat more high protein and high quality protein food, eat more fruits and vegetables, as well as beans. Do not drink, coffee, prevent cold, avoid spicy food.