What is the harm of mammography

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Many women often feel breast pain in their life. There are many doctors will recommend to do molybdenum target examination, some patients will worry about its harm. Now we will introduce the harm of molybdenum target inspection.

What is the harm of mammography

First: its full name is mammography, also known as molybdenum palladium examination. It is the first choice and the most simple and reliable noninvasive detection method for the diagnosis of breast diseases. It is relatively less painful, simple and easy to operate, with high resolution and good repeatability. The retained images can be compared before and after, and are not limited by age and body shape.

Second: molybdenum target examination is the use of X-ray examination, which is harmful to the human body. Although the harm is controlled within the safe range, the younger the female breast is, the higher the density is and the stronger the ability to absorb X-ray is. Therefore, the greater the harm is when doing molybdenum target examination.

Third: mammography itself is a kind of X-ray examination, which has certain reflectance, but in fact, the amount of such rays is very low, and there is no obvious adverse harm or consequence to the human body.

matters needing attention

Check female friends or not too often to do, often do to the body is certainly not good. In life, we can also use other relatively safe methods to check.