What symptom does woman chill too heavy have

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In our daily life, it's very common for women to have too much cold. Women themselves are more afraid of cold than men. Some people will be surprised or insipid, especially in the abdomen. Once they catch cold, they will not only have diarrhea, but also affect menstruation. In serious cases, they will also cause infertility. They are much older than their peers and grow old fast. They don't want to see themselves. So why does it lead to this situation? Therefore, women should always pay attention to keeping their abdomen warm. They usually wear less low waist pants and pay more attention to keeping warm.

What symptom does woman chill too heavy have

Symptom 1: cold body characteristics: feel cool in all seasons, like to drink hot water in summer, especially sensitive to temperature changes, winter clothes go late in spring, winter clothes wear early in autumn.

Symptom 2: regular leave: girls with cold body will have blood clots during regular leave. If the cold body is serious, the shape of blood clots will also become bigger. In normal physical examination, the uterus and accessories are normal. In western medicine, it is recommended to check B-ultrasound for regular blood clots, but B-ultrasound examination is normal. People with cold body are prone to backache before menstruation.

Symptom 3: people with cold body are prone to lumbar disc herniation: if a girl is young and often sits in the office, it is easy to find cervical spondylosis and lumbar keyboard herniation. These problems are always around her. This is because the cold in the body is causing trouble. In traditional Chinese medicine, Yang Deficiency causes internal cold, cold Qi damages the kidney, kidney deficiency causes weak tendons and bones, and spine does not have good traction, so lumbar keyboard herniation Come out, then cervical spondylosis.

matters needing attention

Prevent body cold, prevent cold invasion, can't be frozen at night, winter should pay attention to keep warm, eat less cold things. If it is already cold, please find TCM treatment in time.