Endometriosis has these characteristics! How to prepare? It depends on yourself?

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Relative to this disease, I think it should not be surprising that endometriosis is one of the common uterine diseases. As we all know, there are many reasons for endometriosis. If there are patients with endometriosis, they must adjust their diet. Let me share with you these characteristics of endometriosis! How to prepare? It depends on yourself?.

Endometriosis has these characteristics! How to prepare? It depends on yourself?

First: cucumber earth Fuling snake soup: cucumber 500 grams, earth Fuling 100 grams, red beans 60 grams, snake 250 grams, ginger 30 grams, red jujube 8. Skin the snake, remove the internal organs, put it into the boiling water pot, take the meat and bone, treat endometritis, wash the fresh cucumber. Put the above ingredients together with snake meat in a pot, add appropriate amount of water, bring to a boil over high fire, cook over low fire for 3 hours, and then serve after seasoning. One dose per day, 5-7 days as a course of treatment. It has the effect of clearing away heat, detoxification and dehumidification, and is suitable for acute endometritis.

Second: jiguanhua lean meat soup: diet therapy for endometritis, 20 grams of jiguanhua, 100 grams of pig lean meat, 10 red dates. Clean the Celosia cristata, jujube and lean pork. Put all the ingredients together in a casserole, add some water, bring to a boil over high heat, reduce the heat and cook for 30 minutes, then add seasoning and use as much as you like. Food therapy for endometritis has the effect of clearing away heat, removing dampness and stopping tourniquet. It is suitable for damp heat endometritis. There are two kinds of cockscomb flower: white and red. The white one is mainly used to treat leucorrhea by infiltrating dampness and clearing away heat; the red one can also be used to treat red leucorrhea by entering the blood in addition to clearing away heat and dampness.

Third: boiled leeks with light vegetables: diet therapy for endometritis, 15 grams of raw oil, 120 grams of leeks, 60 grams of light vegetables, and an appropriate amount of yellow rice wine. Pour the raw oil into the pot and cook it well. Quickly pour in the leeks and stir fry them. Then put in the washed light vegetables, add appropriate amount of water and cook until the light vegetables are well cooked. Add appropriate amount of yellow rice wine and you can take it. Diet therapy for endometritis, 1 dose per day, 7 days as a course of treatment. Supplement nutrition, suitable for leucorrhea More than one.

matters needing attention

Pregnant women should regularly go to the designated hospital for prenatal examination, receive health guidance during pregnancy, actively treat malnutrition, anemia and other chronic diseases, and enhance their physique. Sex is forbidden in late pregnancy. Postpartum pay attention to diet, eat easy to digest, rich in protein and vitamin nutrition food, maintain good health. When the lochia is not completely discharged, take the semi reclining position to facilitate the discharge of lochia.