What does creatinine high eat

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In daily life, I am more concerned about maintenance problems, but recently this time there is a symptom of foam urine, to the hospital examination found that it is caused by high creatinine, for creatinine on the high side of friends, do you want to know what is higher than the high creatinine eat what better?

What does creatinine high eat

First, high creatinine diet requires protein supply, because patients with azotemia and renal insufficiency, in order to control the deterioration of renal function, we should control protein intake and choose high-quality protein rich diet.

Second: Generally speaking, patients with renal insufficiency and azotemia have high serum creatinine and begin to have various mild clinical symptoms, but due to moderate pathological damage, hypertension and edema can be seen.

Third: Patients with high creatinine should limit smoking and alcohol. The main toxicity of smoking and alcohol is to the kidney and blood vessels. The more smoking and drinking, the greater the damage to the kidney and blood vessels. It aggravates the renal arteriosclerosis earlier and promotes the glomerular sclerosis.

matters needing attention

Friends with high creatinine can be relieved by diet therapy. Patients with high creatinine should strictly quit smoking and alcohol to avoid greater damage to the kidney. Creatinine is an important indicator of renal function, indicating that the detoxification function of the kidney is damaged. Diet can't solve the problem. It's suggested to treat it systematically as soon as possible.