Treatment of periodontitis

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Because from childhood has not paid attention to the maintenance of teeth. So from a young age began to appear molar phenomenon, but also always gum bleeding, a cold drink to eat teeth are always painful. Went to the hospital for examination, the doctor said it was suffering from juvenile periodontitis. After a period of treatment, the teeth obviously do not hurt. So here today to share the treatment of periodontitis under the small method.

Treatment of periodontitis

First: after eating every day, it's best to use toothpick floss to clean the lower teeth. Because when food remains between teeth for a long time, it is easy to cause food corrosion to teeth. After cleaning, remember to use boiled water to clean the mouth, so as to maintain oral hygiene.

Second: first use the sterilized needle to prick the pus on the gums and discharge the pus. Then rinse repeatedly with 1% hydrogen peroxide solution, and then apply some iodine mixture.

Third: it's best to go to the dental hospital for a review every year. We must find the problems of teeth and correct them in time. Adhere to the habit of brushing teeth every day and gargling after meals. This has a good effect on the treatment of juvenile periodontitis.

matters needing attention

Warm tips: usually pay attention to the hygiene of the cavity, brush your teeth more, don't eat some unclean things, and don't eat some things that are easy to get angry, such as pepper, etc. These things are easy to cause oral discomfort, and they are very irritating to the oral cavity.