What hospital treats rectum cancer good

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My child is 12 years old this year. I don't know what's wrong recently. I often hear her say that she can't pull out her stool, and sometimes she has abdominal colic and other symptoms. I thought she just ate unclean food or food that is easy to get angry, so I gave her some herbal tea, but it didn't work. I went to a restaurant under the introduction of my friend Regular hospital to check the child, the results of the doctor said the child got intestinal obstruction disease, want to know what hospital treatment of rectal cancer? Let me share with you what hospital treatment of rectal cancer is good.

What hospital treats rectum cancer good

Treatment 1: the state therapy adopts pure natural Chinese herbal medicine, according to the principle of the correspondence between heaven and man in traditional Chinese medicine, regulates the functional state of the five zang organs and six Fu organs, restores the balance of yin and Yang, the balance of Zang Fu organs, the harmony of Qi and blood, and achieves the coordination between man and nature, and the internal environment of human body. Improve the immune and anti-cancer ability of patients to eliminate the damaged human body environment, restore the smooth circulation of qi deficiency, and change the cancer state into a healthy state. Its ingredients use scorpion active ingredients to activate meridians, make Qi and blood harmonious, level Yin and Yang, can nourish and prevent cancer.

Treatment 2: Traditional Chinese medicine is systemic in treating cancer. The anticancer ingredients in traditional Chinese medicine can kill cancer cells directionally, and the nourishing ingredients can enhance human immunity. Good traditional Chinese medicine can significantly reduce the symptoms of patients and prolong their life time. Acupuncture and moxibustion can dredge meridians, run Qi and blood, restore Qi and blood circulation of patients, open stasis, so as to dissipate tumor, and also relieve cancer pain of patients. It can also relieve the pain of patients.

Treatment 3: Patients with colon and rectal cancer have recurrent and persistent diarrhea and weak digestive capacity, so they should be given food that is easy to digest and absorb. Colorectal cancer patients often have blood in their stools, and advanced patients often have a lot of blood in their stools. Therefore, they should take less or not accept spicy food. Patients with long-term diarrhea or late patients with long-term fever, sweating, damage body fluid, it is appropriate to drink more water or soup, staple food can be porridge, noodles and other half flow diet.

matters needing attention

Patients after rectal cancer surgery must eat easily digestible and nutritious food after discharge. The nutrition should be balanced and the diet should be regular. They should pay attention to diet hygiene at ordinary times. They should not eat raw, cold, hard, fried and pickled food. They should ban smoking and drinking and develop a good habit of regular defecation