Conjunctivitis symptoms?

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Conjunctivitis is a common eye disease, mainly because the conjunctiva is inflamed due to external or other factors. Generally, conjunctivitis has no serious impact on the vision of patients, but it can also damage the vision and cause some complications. Therefore, patients with this disease should be treated in time, But many patients do not understand some of the symptoms of conjunctivitis, leading to often delay treatment, then, what are the symptoms of conjunctivitis? Let's give you a detailed introduction.

Conjunctivitis symptoms?

In addition, the patient's conjunctiva will appear edema, because the inflammation to the child's conjunctival blood vessels dilation, will lead to edema of these tissues, in addition, there will be bleeding under the conjunctiva, will present dot or small sheet, there is conjunctivitis will lead to corneal limbus bulge, the shape is polygonal mosaic.

In addition, patients with conjunctivitis will have some follicles, there will be some scars, in addition, there will be swelling of lymph nodes in front of the ear, and there will be pseudoptosis of the upper eye face. This is because of cell infiltration or scar of the patient, which leads to tissue hypertrophy of the upper eye face of the patient, leading to ptosis of the upper eye face.

One is that patients will feel foreign body sensation in their eyes, and they will also feel burning sensation, and their eyes and faces will become heavy, and their secretions will become more, and even lead to some corneal lesions, which will lead to photophobia and tears. In addition, the conjunctiva of the patient will appear hyperemia, and the blood vessels on the cornea will appear reticular distribution, and the color will be red.

matters needing attention

It should be noted that patients with these symptoms should be treated in a timely manner, and during the treatment, they should pay attention to protect their eyes, don't overuse their eyes, let their eyes rest more, and pay attention to diet. It's better to eat light food, don't eat spicy food, such as onion, ginger and garlic, and don't eat food like leek or pepper, mutton and dog meat.