Pregnant women have symptoms of syphilis

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In the face of the invasion of syphilis, not only harm themselves, but also harm the fetus. Clinically, many female syphilis patients said that they suffered from syphilis every day, and also made their fetus suffer, so they want to know the choice of this fetus. Experts, for the baby's choice to listen to the doctor's advice, need to be specific circumstances. Pregnant women have symptoms of syphilis. I would like to share my views with you.

Pregnant women have symptoms of syphilis

1) Premature delivery: occurs in the sixth to eighth month of pregnancy, that is, early delivery. Ninety five percent will die shortly after birth. This is because Treponema pallidum has invaded the internal organs of the fetus, resulting in organ damage and insufficient function. It is very difficult for premature infants to adapt to the external environment after birth, and they will die if they are infected. If there are individual from death, also is congenital syphilis children.

2) Abortion: often occurs in 4 ~ 6 months of pregnancy, spirochete can make the placenta arteriole inflammation, the formation of arterial infarction, to make the placenta tissue necrosis, the supply of fetal nutrition and abortion. 3) Stillbirth: in pregnancy has reached full-term, but when a few days before labor, or labor mutation, and the production of stillbirth.

4) Syphilis women who have not received anti syphilis treatment, or who have not been treated thoroughly, can obtain surviving babies with the extension of the disease period and after 3-4 births of abortion, early delivery and stillbirth. But in these infants, there are 60% may be infected with syphilis, only about 40% of the infants can survive infection and become healthy.

matters needing attention

Whether syphilis is contracted before pregnancy or during pregnancy, it is possible to transmit syphilis to the fetus, especially early syphilis patients, so that the fetus has a greater chance of infection. Spirochetes in pregnant women can enter the fetus through the placenta, which often leads to abortion, stillbirth or premature birth. Even if it is full-term, it may have been a child with syphilis.