Why can hair transplantation treat hair loss

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I began to have the symptoms of hair loss when I was in my twenties. Later, I lost more and more hair. Now I have completely become bald. I look more than ten years older than my peers. I often feel inferior because of this. Some time ago, I just had a hair transplant operation. I feel that the effect is good, and people suddenly look younger. Many people want to know why hair transplant can treat hair loss? What kind of operation is hair transplant. Now I will answer all these questions one by one.

Why can hair transplantation treat hair loss

First of all, hair transplantation can indeed treat the symptoms of hair loss. Hair transplantation takes the hair follicles in the back brain of the human body as the source, and then separates them into single or multiple hair follicle units. Through fine microsurgical techniques, the hair follicle units are transplanted to the parts that need to be transplanted, such as the head, eyebrow, eyelashes, beard, chest, eyelashes, pudenda, etc., so that they can survive and grow naturally in new parts, So as to achieve the purpose of supplementing the number of hair and modifying the local hair distribution, in order to achieve the aesthetic effect.

Secondly, the process of hair transplantation is to take a fusiform flap from the posterior occipital region, and then the subcutaneous decompression suture, the outer layer of continuous suture. After the wound healed, there was no obvious scar, only a thin scar hidden in the hair. Because it was a transverse hair follicle, only a little hair was taken in the longitudinal direction, so there was no obvious change in the appearance of the original posterior occipital hair.

Finally, some micro incisions or holes are made in the bald area to implant the transplanted embryo into the skin, which determines the appearance effect after the operation. Because the number of hair follicles is limited, it is very important to artistically distribute the limited hair follicles to the top of the head in order to achieve the best visual effect and look like your own long hair, especially the distribution of hair follicles in the hairline.

matters needing attention

After hair transplantation, we must pay attention to some matters to ensure the smooth growth of hair. After hair transplantation, we must keep the scalp healthy and wear a special paper surgical cap when necessary. The anti-inflammatory and anti swelling drugs provided must be taken on time after hair transplantation. Pay attention to rest more after hair transplantation, protect the scalp of hair taking area when sleeping, and cushion the pillow up. Do not use ginger shampoo until 5 days after hair transplantation.