How does fever return a responsibility after filling a tooth

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There are many patients because of dental problems will see the dentist, in some cases is the need for tooth extraction, and tooth extraction after the symptoms of fever is how to return a responsibility? What should we do? In fact, under normal circumstances, there will be no fever after tooth extraction. If there is fever, it is likely to be infection. There are many patients who have fever not long after tooth extraction. Some patients have fever two or three days after tooth extraction. There are also fever after tooth extraction. Patients should not worry too much and take timely measures Good, then, how to do fever after tooth extraction? Let's introduce it.

How does fever return a responsibility after filling a tooth

First: under normal circumstances, fever is caused by infection. It is very likely that the wound is infected during the operation, or oral hygiene is not in place, which causes inflammation and fever. If it is the elderly or patients with low body resistance, it is easy to have fever after tooth extraction.

Second: if there is fever, do not panic, patients should first stay warm, and pay attention to rest, after extraction must prevent colds, suggest that after taking out some antiphlogistic drugs, Baijiu also can be applied to the temples and the center of the palm of the hand, if the heart after pulling out the symptoms of fever, you can take some antiphlogistic drugs before taking teeth, of course, through the doctor. agree!

Third: if fever is serious after tooth extraction, you should go to the hospital to let the doctor have a look and see what treatment measures to take. In addition, you need to pay attention to diet. You should eat some light liquid food, such as mung bean soup or porridge. You'd better stop for a few hours before eating after tooth extraction.

matters needing attention

What needs to be noted is that you can't touch tobacco, alcohol and other things after tooth extraction. You can't eat spicy food for a period of time after tooth extraction. In addition, you should pay more attention to rest. In addition, you should prevent bleeding after tooth extraction. If there is a small amount of bleeding, don't worry. It's a normal situation. If there is a lot of bleeding, you should let the doctor see what's going on in time.