What reason is menstrual blood blackening

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The incidence rate of blood blackening is high in life. Menstruation is a special physiological phenomenon of women. But many times, women will have different menstrual abnormalities. No matter what kind of disease, they must be treated in time. For example, menstruation is not coming, and the amount of menstruation is low and menstrual blood is blackening. Women don't know much about the causes of menstrual blood blackness. Relevant experts point out that there are many reasons for menstrual blood blackness, most of which are gynecological diseases. Let me introduce in detail:

What reason is menstrual blood blackening

First: what is black menstrual blood? The so-called menstrual color is actually the color of menstrual blood. Normally, the color of normal menstrual blood should be dark red, and there are some small pieces of endometrial, cervical mucus, vaginal epithelial cells and so on mixed in the blood, but there is no blood clot. But if the blood is as thin as water, and only a little pink or purple, then it is abnormal. And if menstrual blood is clot, it is also abnormal.

Second: kidney deficiency life common sense kidney deficiency women will also have varying degrees of menstrual blood color black phenomenon, and these women will also be accompanied by menstrual cycle has no fixed, less, light red or dark red and thin symptoms. During menstruation, this part of women will often have a variety of discomfort symptoms, such as waist and knee soreness, heel pain, dizziness and tinnitus.

Third: the deficiency of both qi and blood, there is a deficiency of both qi and blood, then it will also lead to the color of menstrual blood black, at the same time, there will be dysmenorrhea, less menstruation and other phenomena. There are many reasons for the deficiency of Qi and blood in women, including malnutrition and the decline of their own immunity. Therefore, for these women, we must pay attention to supplement nutrition and enhance immunity in their daily life. Once there is deficiency of both qi and blood, some women will have menstrual cycle ahead of time or after the wrong, the amount of increase or decrease.

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Menstruation is an important thing in women's daily life. Through menstruation, we can see women's health. If menstruation is abnormal, women must pay attention to it!