Can gestational diabetes eat steamed bun

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Diet therapy is a basic treatment for gestational diabetes mellitus. No matter what type and severity of diabetes mellitus is, whether there are complications or not, and whether insulin therapy is being used, diet control should be strictly implemented and persisted for a long time. Now I'd like to introduce to you gestational diabetes can eat steamed buns.

Can gestational diabetes eat steamed bun

First: gestational diabetes can eat steamed buns. Leeks: the climate in spring is different, so we need to maintain Yang Qi. Leeks are warm and most suitable for human body. Eating more leeks in spring can enhance the spleen and stomach qi, but leeks are not suitable for digestion. Don't eat too much at a time.

Second: Yam: sweet and non-toxic, has the functions of invigorating spleen and Qi, nourishing lung and stomach, tonifying kidney and strengthening essence. Especially suitable for spring. It can not only prevent the spleen from being injured by the hyperactivity of liver qi in spring, but also enhance the body's resistance.

Third: bitter gourd: cold nature, bitter taste. It can remove pathogenic heat, relieve fatigue, clear heart and clear eyes. Balsam pear clearing heat and detoxification, in addition to irritating thirst, balsam pear is known as "plant insulin". Pharmacological tests showed that the saponins in Momordica charantia not only had the effect similar to insulin, but also stimulated the release of insulin, which had a very obvious hypoglycemic effect.

matters needing attention

These are the questions about whether gestational diabetes mellitus can eat steamed buns. When nursing feet, diabetic patients should not use scissors or knives to remove corns or calluses to prevent injury to normal foot skin; The ointment for treating corns should not be used indiscriminately. Most of these ointment drugs contain salicylic acid or other corrosive chemicals, which may damage and stimulate the skin and cause infection. Do not use iodine to disinfect the feet. The strong irritation of iodine will cause chemical damage to the skin; The foot blister can't be pricked by needle, otherwise it may cause bacterial infection. The blister skin should be protected until the exudate in the blister is gradually absorbed by itself. If the blister is too large, the local skin can be disinfected and then the blister can be sucked out by sterile syringe. Patients should not use hot water when washing their feet. The feet of diabetic patients may be insensitive to temperature and easy to be scalded by hot water; Don't use bath salt and other foot soaking drugs when washing feet. These drugs may make the skin of feet dry and easy to crack.