How is stool color blackened to return a responsibility

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Sometimes, we often find that the color of our stools is abnormal, sometimes it is particularly yellow, sometimes it is particularly black. In fact, the color of stool has something to do with the food we eat, so don't be nervous when it's abnormal, we should find out the reason first. Now I'd like to share with you how the color of stool turns black.

How is stool color blackened to return a responsibility

First: when the color of our stool turns black, we can pay attention to it at home first, and don't eat the food we ate before, because we will pull out what we eat. If the color of stool is improved through this method, it is because of the food that we eat that we don't need treatment.

Second: when the color of the stool is not only black, but also like tar, it means that it is more serious. It may be caused by gastrointestinal bleeding. This situation should be timely to the hospital for some necessary examination, if there is a disease should be active treatment.

Third: sometimes if we don't defecate for a long time, it will also lead to dark stool. In this case, we can eat some food or medicine to help digestion. Let us quickly the body accumulation of stool can be timely discharged from the body.

matters needing attention

Once diagnosed with upper gastrointestinal bleeding, we should pay close attention to the patient's vital signs, including blood pressure, respiration, heart rate, etc., and take corresponding measures at any time to prevent shock caused by large amount of bleeding.