Always feel cold is how to return a responsibility

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This weekend, I went to visit my friend's home. When we were chatting, she told me that the weather changed too much last month. Because of the weather, she had a serious illness and hung up in the hospital for a few days. At that time, the body would feel a burst of heat and a burst of cold. When I was sick, I didn't care much. I slowly recovered. After working for a period of time, I felt cold again. But at that time, the body didn't have any symptoms of illness. I felt this problem was very strange. So let's learn about the chills in the body.

Always feel cold is how to return a responsibility

First: the patient must understand that usually the body chills, may be caused by malnutrition, or kidney deficiency. It is suggested that you pay attention to strengthen nutrition, pay attention to the balance of nutrition, pay attention to rest, do not overwork, pay attention to do some sports suitable for your physical condition, pay attention to long-term maintenance of regular living habits, do not stay up late and so on.

Second: patients must know that this disease is related to gastrointestinal dysfunction or physical weakness. The body's ability to emit heat is low, its resistance is low, and its cold resistance is poor, so it is easy to feel cold. Women in a state of nutritional deficiency for a long time, suffering from anemia, hypotension or hypothyroidism, can also cause local and systemic blood circulation disorders, especially the circulation disorders at the end of the limbs, leading to autonomic nerve dysfunction, making people feel cold.

Third: patients must understand the body cold, these phenomena may be related to cold, cold is usually due to virus infection, cold and so on may be caused by a cold inducing factors. It's also possible that the virus lurks in the body, causing the body to chill. At the same time, anemia and hypotension are the main reasons for many girls to get cold. Therefore, proper supplement of nutrients can improve blood circulation, vitamin B group can promote metabolism.

matters needing attention

Patients must pay attention to diet disorder, summer gluttony raw cold, consumption of Yang, body metabolic function decline, to autumn and winter is easy to be afraid of cold. Good static less movement, blood circulation speed is too slow, lack of heat production capacity, will also aggravate the cold feeling in winter. Patients must pay attention to personal hygiene, relax and rest.