Symptoms of kidney stones in women?

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Kidney stone is also a very common disease in the kidney, and there are many reasons for this disease. When suffering from this disease, we must timely check and treat it. The earlier the disease is found, the more obvious the effect of treatment will be, because there are many reasons for this disease, So in the treatment, we must check the cause of the disease before treatment, and during the treatment, patients must pay attention to reasonable diet and rest, if the diet is improper, it will also lead to aggravation of the disease. So what are the symptoms of kidney stones in women? Now let's take a look.

Symptoms of kidney stones in women?

Pain: pain is the main symptom of renal calculi. The calculi are large, and the degree of movement in the renal pelvis is small. The pain is mostly dull, sometimes dull; When the calculi are small and move in the pelvis, it is easy to cause obstruction of the ureteropelvic junction and renal colic. Renal colic is a sudden and severe pain that starts from the waist and radiates down the ureter to the bladder. The pain can also radiate to the vulva. The pain is paroxysmal, usually lasting for several minutes or as long as several hours, with nausea and vomiting. Sometimes the patient's face is pale, sweating, and in a state of collapse

Hematuria: hematuria is the second important symptom of renal calculi. Pain and hematuria are the characteristics of renal and ureteral calculi. Especially when physical activity is more, can produce ache and hematuria suddenly. But hematuria is generally light, sometimes the naked eye can not see, can only see from a few to most red blood cells under the microscope, called microscopic hematuria. However, when the mucosa is seriously damaged by stones, gross hematuria is often found. Pain and hematuria are often induced when the patient is active. When the stone is complicated with infection, purulent cells appear in the urine, with frequent urination and painful urination.

Pyuria: Pyogenic cells appear in urine when kidney and ureteral calculi are complicated with infection, and high fever and low back pain may appear in clinic.

matters needing attention

Women suffering from this disease must be timely examination and treatment, and during the treatment of patients must pay attention to reasonable diet and habits, can not eat some spicy food, but also had better eat less spinach.