Treatment of sweating herpes

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Two days ago, when I went to play with a friend of mine, I encountered such a thing, that is, my friend was a helper in their own clinic, and then I saw that many patients had a common feature, that is, they had some small bags or broken skin on their hands. I was a little curious, so I asked my friend that these patients were born What's the disease? Why do all the symptoms look similar? My friend said it's sweat herpes, and the treatment effect is good. Now let me talk about the treatment of sweat herpes with you.

Treatment of sweating herpes

First of all: the onset symptoms of sweating herpes have certain stages, and the treatment methods of sweating herpes in different periods are not certain. For example, in the early stage of sweating herpes, it can be soaked with 1:20 compound copper sulfate or 3% alum solution, and then coated with zinc oxide ointment, and the general symptoms can be relieved.

Second: some local steroids ointment in the affected area. So you don't have to itch. First of all, you can use 3% alum solution for soaking treatment. Soak your feet once a day for about 20 minutes. The symptoms will be relieved in a few days.

Finally: in the treatment must adhere to enough course of treatment, thoroughly cure it, the suggestion is to use salicylic acid solution smear the affected area treatment, and then use miconazole ointment smear can

matters needing attention

Warm reminder: we can wipe some cream by the feet, and keep the ventilation of feet. Then it won't itch so much.