How is beriberi treated in the ear

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In fact, I still hate beriberi, often on the bus, there will always be foot odor inadvertently from my nose. At this time, I always think: why do these people pay so little attention to hygiene? Feet so smelly, do not often wash feet, do not wash socks?

How is beriberi treated in the ear

First: personally test the folk prescription for foot odor. I heard that there is a folk prescription for beriberi. I searched for some on the Internet. I also tried to use toothpaste to treat foot odor. At the beginning of application, the itching of feet was not so severe, but there was still no good sign of foot odor. I think persistence is victory, so I persisted for a week, and finally ended in failure! In the past, when I saw other people have foot odor, I always felt that foot odor was a very small thing. I often washed my feet and socks to recover. But it's not that easy to know until I come here.

Second: it was last winter when it was still snowing and walking on the road. I didn't feel my feet were frozen at all. There was a smaller foot washing shop next to me, so I went in to soak my feet for warmth. As soon as I took off my shoes, the waiter asked me: how long have you had foot odor? I said that just half a year ago, she told me: Although foot odor is not a big problem, but in the long run your body will also be affected. They have the method of treating foot odor there. After years of verification, it has a certain effect on foot odor.

Third: Overcome foot odor. After a month of refreshing feet, foot odor disappeared. I threw away my socks and disinfected my shoes. I finally said goodbye to foot odor, the refreshing feeling of long absence came back.

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After this stinky feet thing, I finally understand how important it is to prescribe the right medicine to the case. And the same, we do things, not to say the relationship between doing and not doing, but how to do it, find a correct way, always more useful than doing things blindly! And I use step by step ointment, have foot odor friends can refer to Oh!