What's the matter with a five-day delay

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Menstruation is the most important symbol of women, for adult women, every month to meet the arrival of menstruation. If menstruation appears delay when worried, so menstruation postpones 5 days how to return a responsibility, we look together next.

What's the matter with a five-day delay

First: whether menstruation is normal or not has a certain relationship with women's endocrine, many women due to work pressure or emotional instability will affect menstruation. When menstruation is delayed for less than a week, it is normal, especially the delay of the formation cycle. The body has formed a regular pattern, and needs traditional Chinese medicine to recuperate.

Second: the role of drugs will delay the onset of menstruation, if women often take emergency contraceptives, then change menstruation is certain. The second is gynecological diseases, such as ovarian cysts, uterine fibroids, cervical diseases will lead to menstruation delay.

Third: the last thought is pregnancy. If a woman is pregnant, her menstruation will definitely stop, so if you want to know the reason for postponing menstruation, you need to do some tests to determine.

matters needing attention

Menstruation is a special sign of women, so women should pay special attention to the stability of the physiological cycle. It is normal for women to advance or postpone their menstruation for a week. The normal menstruation is also related to the drugs they take. For example, emergency contraceptives, in addition to pregnancy, can also be caused by hormone levels, nutritional factors, environmental factors, emotional fluctuations, excessive pressure, diseases, drugs and other factors.