Advanced symptoms of lung cancer and renal cancer

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I heard that my friend had lung cancer. I went to visit him yesterday. It's very distressing to see his haggard face. The doctor said that he has ascites, which has been under control recently. The patient's recovery is very good, and his mentality is also very good. Now let me talk about the late symptoms of lung cancer and renal cancer.

Advanced symptoms of lung cancer and renal cancer

Symptom 1: what are the common symptoms of lung cancer in the elderly: swelling and pain in the breast, blood in the sputum, necrosis caused by tumor inflammation, and a small amount of bleeding when the capillary is damaged. The early manifestations of lung cancer are usually mixed with sputum. Cough, low fever, can be lung cancer patients in half a month before surgery, in addition to three meals a day, but also add elements diet.

Symptom 2: elderly patients with lung cancer will have no obvious reason for hoarseness with asthma, obvious swelling of one side of the neck, sometimes small eye fission, ptosis, pupil narrowing and other symptoms, can appear when the lung symptoms are not obvious.

Symptom 3: the symptoms of early lung cancer are not obvious, there was no cough before, recently cough, long-term treatment can not be cured, and sputum with blood, is a sign of early lung cancer, elderly patients with chronic bronchitis cough for a long time, but the recent cough voice or nature changes, all suggest that there may be canceration.

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The prognosis of lung cancer depends on early detection and timely treatment, especially for elderly patients, treatment is urgent. Early resection of occult lung cancer can be cured. It is generally believed that the prognosis of squamous cell carcinoma is better, followed by adenocarcinoma, and small cell undifferentiated carcinoma is the worst.