Symptoms of avian influenza

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Avian influenza is a disease that can be contracted by poultry as well as humans. So the symptoms of avian influenza can be the symptoms of poultry, or the symptoms of people infected with avian influenza. Generally speaking, avian influenza is very similar to a cold after its onset. It is mainly manifested in human respiratory tract and gastrointestinal bleeding, and may cause nervous system abnormalities in some patients. Do people have symptoms of avian influenza? Now let me tell you something.

Symptoms of avian influenza

Avian influenza is a communicable disease, so you must actively isolate after the occurrence of avian influenza. If you have been to the epidemic area of avian influenza and you have fever, you must wear a mask and go to the hospital for examination at this time. Generally speaking, the disease will not occur immediately after the infection, but there are several hours to several days to the incubation period, after which the disease will occur.

With the disease of avian influenza, people's body will be very weak, and sometimes it will be vague, but also inexplicably say things that others can't understand. This is mainly because avian influenza affects people's nervous system to a certain extent.

Bird flu can cause muscle pain, and many people with bird flu have severe pneumonia. People who are infected with avian influenza often sneeze and shed a lot of tears. Some people will have diarrhea and vomiting for a long time after being infected with avian influenza, and the patient's body will dehydrate, even lead to sudden coma.

matters needing attention

If people are infected with avian influenza, the death rate can be as high as 60%, which is extremely serious. Therefore, in order to avoid avian influenza, do not often go to public places in the season of avian influenza outbreak, and try to wear masks when going out.