Can anal polyp grow up

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Friends in the recent stool when there is blood in the stool, and later check the situation with anal polyps, then, anal polyps can grow up? Let's talk about it.

Can anal polyp grow up

First of all, anal polyps are new organisms that occur on the anal canal or rectal mucosa. Most of them are round or oval tumors with pedicle, which can protrude into the intestinal cavity and move up and down. Most of the pedicle is caused by intestinal peristalsis or fecal traction.

Secondly, anal polyps are often caused by chronic stimulation of feces. They are common benign tumors, and a few of them can be malignant. The majority of anal polyps are solitary and the minority are multiple. It is also a common disease with redundant body growth.

Finally, anal polyps will grow up, usually when the body is not much impact, but do not use your hands or other things to touch, otherwise in the long run is very easy to grow bigger.

matters needing attention

After anal polyps, if the situation is not serious, we should pay attention to the conditioning of life, do not sit and stand for a long time, the daily diet should be light without stimulation, and if the situation is serious, we should carry out surgical treatment.