What method does cure sheep horn crazy have

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My child is a 15-year-old boy who relapses once a month. When he gets sick, his limbs twitch and he foams at the mouth. The examination says that it's epilepsy. After the doctor's treatment, it's much better. I'd like to share with you my experience in the treatment of sheep's horn mania

What method does cure sheep horn crazy have

Treatment 1: diet treatment, epilepsy diet treatment method is mainly through the selection of high fat ratio, protein and carbohydrate ratio of low diet formula, so that the body produces ketone body, to simulate the body's response to hunger to treat epilepsy and other diseases. For epilepsy which is difficult to control by drugs, we can try out diet treatment.

Treatment 2: psychological treatment, psychological treatment of epilepsy patients, also known as psychotherapy, uses spiritual comfort, support, persuasion, guarantee, counseling and environmental adjustment, and enlightens, induces and educates patients to help them understand the disease, which is also a very effective treatment for epilepsy. The common methods include cognitive therapy, individual psychotherapy, suggestion therapy, behavior therapy and biofeedback.

Treatment 3: drug treatment. The drug treatment of epilepsy is based on the principle of early medicine, sufficient dosage, accurate medication and long time. Once the diagnosis of epilepsy is established, it is necessary to take medicine immediately to control the seizure of epilepsy. The dosage of the drug must be enough to control epilepsy without seizure and no toxic reaction of the drug. When necessary, the blood concentration of the drug can be detected. According to different types of epilepsy or syndrome to determine the drug selection. General stop attack 2 years above, just can stop drug.

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Diet should be given rich nutrition and easy to digest food, eat more light, high vitamin vegetables and fruits, do not overeat.