Is bloody stool a symptom of diabetes

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With our development in recent years, our life has become better and better, but there are more and more rich diseases. Diabetes is a disease with high incidence rate. Let's introduce the early symptoms of diabetes.

Is bloody stool a symptom of diabetes

Hyperglycemia significantly increases plasma osmotic pressure, causes excessive water loss, causes intracellular dehydration, stimulates the thirsty center, and leads to thirst and polydipsia. Polydipsia further aggravates polyuria. Such a vicious cycle will make our body more and more unhealthy.

Patients with diabetes also have vision loss. This phenomenon is very common and common, so patients with diabetes must pay attention to this phenomenon. Many patients with diabetes in the early diagnosis, complained of vision loss or blurred, which may be caused by hyperglycemia leading to changes in lens osmotic pressure, resulting in changes in lens diopter.

Generally, people with diabetes will eat more, but their weight is falling all the time. Although patients with diabetes have normal appetite and food intake, and even increase, they lose weight. So we must pay attention to these problems in order to find diabetes as soon as possible.

matters needing attention

In daily life, eat more fruits and vegetables, keep optimistic mood, pay attention not to fatigue, pay attention to the recovery of the body, in addition, if there are any symptoms should go to the hospital for examination, and corresponding treatment, these are to actively do.