What symptom does magnesium low have

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Low sperm motility is a very important reason for male infertility. There are many reasons leading to low sperm motility, such as diet, love of life, smoking and drinking. One of the most important reasons leading to male infertility is male asthenospermia. Male asthenospermia is that the activity of male sperm is very low and the quality of sperm is not high And lead to male infertility, next to talk about the symptoms of this disease, I hope you early prevention.

What symptom does magnesium low have

Symptom 1: first of all, it can be prevented by diet. Men can eat more food rich in zinc. Zinc also plays a very important role in the human body. Oyster meat has the most zinc content. Eating more can improve sexual ability. Zinc helps regulate heart activity, lower blood pressure and improve men's fertility.

Symptom 2: life measures are also a very important part, mainly don't often use spicy food, such as jeans and other hard pants, some tight pants are not suitable for regular wear, should less to take a sauna, avoid high temperature and radiation working environment.

Symptom 3: sexual life also need to pay attention to, pay attention to health and safety problems, if there is genital and urinary tract infection need to go to the hospital in time for examination, so as not to affect the fertility problem. Pay attention to health, pay attention to the maintenance of kidney essence, this is the most important point.

matters needing attention

Daily attention to maintain a regular life, do not smoke and drink, alcohol on sperm motility damage is great, endocrine disorders will also affect the quality of sperm also need to be avoided, regular work and rest can let husband and wife better conditioning body, but also easy to enhance each other's feelings and increase the chance of pregnancy.