What reason is one side pelvic bone painful

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In recent days, I feel pain in my pelvis. I always have the habit of sleeping on the right side at night. But recently, I feel pain in my pelvis on the right side. Now I feel pain in sitting. After treatment, the pain has been relieved. Here I would like to introduce my experience.

What reason is one side pelvic bone painful

First: acute symptoms, history is not long, should be an acute symptom, bad posture generally will not cause pelvic deformation, may be muscle ligament and other soft tissue problems. It is suggested to go to the hospital to take a film to eliminate the bone defects and pelvic problems. If it is ligament and fascia discomfort, it can be improved by hot compress, changing the incorrect posture and proper exercise.

Second: as a result of sedentary, so that the spine in an inactive state for a long time, resulting in poor blood supply, sitting position is one of the most pressing positions on the spine, resulting in the performance of backache.

Third: consider the situation of lumbar muscle strain, pay attention to avoid sedentary activities, do not keep a posture for a long time, in addition, pain can be alleviated by Fenbid, with vitamin B12 intramuscular injection nutrition nerve, with the waist fried salt hot compress, can also use magic lamp irradiation local, generally after a period of time can recover, usually their own living habits are also key, avoid Wet, if wading, rain or sweating, you should change clothes and wipe yourself.

matters needing attention

You women must know the pelvic pain must go to check out what is the reason, in life must pay attention to rest, had better not eat stimulating and spicy food.