Abnormal liver function and inability to eat

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Abnormal liver function is a kind of liver disease. After the occurrence of this disease, treatment needs a process. In the process of treatment, patients should not only cooperate with doctors for drug treatment, but also do a good job in daily nursing, especially in diet. Today, let me learn that abnormal liver function can not eat.

Abnormal liver function and inability to eat

First: in the treatment of abnormal liver function, it is necessary to decide whether to treat and how to treat symptomatically according to the results of liver function, liver and gallbladder ultrasound and abnormal liver function virus, combined with the current symptoms. It is an important link in the prevention and treatment of diseases to carry out psychological guidance for patients, reduce the adverse mental stimulation in life, and prevent excessive emotional changes.

Second: the liver is in charge of catharsis, xitiaota, abhorrence and depression, and mental activity are important pathogenic factors. Only when the function of liver is normal and the Qi mechanism is smooth, can Qi and blood be peaceful, Yin is smooth and Yang is secret. If the liver function is disordered and the Qi is not smooth, it can cause abnormal changes in emotion, which will lead to the recurrence or aggravation of abnormal liver function.

Third: therefore, it is more important for patients with such diseases to pay attention to the spiritual care of essence in life. Encourage patients to establish the confidence to overcome the disease, especially to avoid irritability and anger, correctly hold the disease, establish a cheerful and optimistic belief, and ask their families to comfort and care for patients.

matters needing attention

I also want to emphasize: for patients, early detection of disease is very important. If patients find that their body is abnormal, they should go to the regular hospital to have a physical examination in time if they want to effectively control their disease. They should not delay and miss the best treatment period.