What does the hand need to notice after scald?

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Parents must pay attention to the care of their children, otherwise their hands will be easily scalded. My son is always very sensible. Although he is too small to be able to do his best, his little thoughts make our family very happy. I remember when he was less than 5 years old, I just came back from work and heard his cry. It turned out that he was going to pour water for me. As a result, the water bottle was too heavy, not only the water was not poured, but also his hands and feet were lying down. In our heart for a long time, carefully take care of his son for half a month is completely good. Today, I would like to share with you what you need to pay attention to when you are scalded

What does the hand need to notice after scald?

First: in the case of wound damage, do not touch water before healing. If contact is necessary, the wound surface can be bandaged and wrapped with fresh-keeping film before contacting with water. After that, remove the bandage and change the dressing once.

Second: do not eat hair, such as beef, mutton, poultry, eat more vegetables, do not eat spicy food, avoid ginger and garlic, garlic is string skin, will leave scars. Don't eat eggs. Can eat some high protein (in addition to the above several), help skin new tissue rapid reconstruction. Eat more vegetables.

Third: try the powder of demolin. It can actively induce epithelial cell proliferation, promote wound healing, keep the wound free from infection, and reduce the formation of scar after skin healing.

matters needing attention

Most of the patients will have blisters after burn. It is better not to puncture the blisters to avoid infection. If the blisters are large, they need to go to the hospital for treatment. If the blisters are broken, they should be cleaned with normal saline in time