How to prevent prostatitis in men

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I suffer from chronic prostatitis, the doctor of the hospital let me often discharge sperm, but I am single. On the other hand, I quit masturbation and don't want to masturbate any more. The doctor is very good. He diagnosed and treated in time, and I feel much better. Today, let me talk about how to prevent prostatitis for men.

How to prevent prostatitis in men

First: a harmonious and happy sex life is the natural needs of men and women, and sex life is an important part of husband and wife's life. Mastering a controlled and regular sex life or moderate frequency of masturbation and regular discharge of prostatic fluid can alleviate the fullness of the prostate, promote the continuous renewal of the former prostatic fluid, and contribute to the normal play of prostate function and the patients with abnormal prostate function Rehabilitation of the victims.

Second: now the society is more complex, many young people often indulge in sexual life, excessive sexual life is easy to make the prostate tissue appear functional contraction, resulting in active or passive congestion of the prostate, itself is also prostate tissue damage and prostatitis inducing factors, and can make already suffering from prostatitis patients treatment effect greatly reduced. People once named the prostatitis of the bridegroom during the honeymoon as "honeymoon prostate", which is caused by the obvious congestion of the prostate caused by frequent and excessive sexual life.

Third: Although the cause of prostatitis is not spicy food, but wine, pepper and other foods have a stimulating effect on the prostate and urethra. After eating, there may be transient or urethral discomfort or burning symptoms accompanied by urination, and it can cause vasodilatation, edema of the prostate or reduce the resistance of the prostate.

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