Initial symptoms of genital herpes

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Genital herpes infection rate is fast and high. Therefore, when patients find themselves infected with genital herpes, to seize the regular hospital treatment, is the most correct choice. Let's talk about the initial symptoms of genital herpes.

Initial symptoms of genital herpes

Symptom 1: often have fever, headache, fatigue and myalgia, as well as inguinal lymphadenitis. In the early detection of genital herpes infection, to seize the hospital to check the body, do not miss the best treatment time, then there will be more serious disease.

Symptom 2: primary genital herpes. It takes about 3-5 days from contact to onset. First, the affected part has a burning sensation, and erythema occurs soon, followed by 3-10 groups of red papules on the basis of erythema. Continue to feel hot and itchy. Papules quickly become small blisters, and gradually become purulent, ulceration or erosion after ulceration, conscious pain.

Symptom 3: in men, it is more common in glans, coronal sulcus, urethral orifice, penis, scrotum, thigh and arm. Most male patients had bilateral inguinal lymphadenopathy. In addition, there may be other symptoms, such as fever, general discomfort, headache, neck stiffness, meningitis and sacral nervous system dysfunction.

matters needing attention

Avoid sexual impulse. After the operation, the patient must avoid sexual impulse. Keep calm (try to avoid touching your lover or girlfriend, pornographic magazines, passionate Internet pictures and videos), try to avoid erection, so as to avoid incision dehiscence, bleeding and infection. In case of erection, take a deep breath, relax and transfer attention. Control emotions. Emotion is also more important. Patients should keep themselves in a peaceful state, keep optimistic mood, learn self psychological adjustment, ensure adequate sleep and rest, avoid overwork, cooperate with doctors to insist on treatment, and find a specialist for consultation or follow-up in time when they find discomfort.