What's the reason for men's cold hands and feet

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Men's cold hands and feet are mostly caused by heart weakness, low heme or sympathetic dysfunction, so what should men do with cold hands and feet? Now I will briefly introduce several mitigation methods.

What's the reason for men's cold hands and feet

First: sports. Exercise can speed up blood circulation, at the same time make the heart get exercise, help to relieve the cold symptoms of men's hands and feet.

Second: eat on time. Don't think about losing weight, eat on time, let the body store fat, so that fat metabolism can produce heat.

Third: supplement vitamins; eat more foods containing vitamins, supplement human trace elements, you can also eat spicy food, can promote blood circulation.

matters needing attention

Ensure adequate sleep; ensure sleep, traditional Chinese medicine is conducive to supplement Yang, wear cotton socks; cotton socks can not only keep warm, but also absorb sweat, so that the feet can keep dry and comfortable all day.