What's the fastest way to get rid of acne

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My son's face recently had some red acne for unknown reasons. The child felt very painful and had no self-confidence. I was also very worried. So I took him to the hospital for examination and treatment. After the doctor diagnosed it, it turned out that he was suffering from acne. After finding out this problem, the doctor gave me timely treatment. Now the condition is getting better. Let's share what we have The fastest way to get rid of acne.

What's the fastest way to get rid of acne

Method 1: don't feel your face with your hands. This often causes bacteria to grow on the skin of the face, resulting in acne. Sometimes the unclean hair can also easily stimulate the facial skin and produce irritating acne marks. 2. Always keep your face, bed sheets, pillows, etc. clean. Sunlight exposure is the best disinfection, UV has the effect of killing bacteria. Mental stress can cause sebum secretion is exuberant, but also the cause of acne. There are a lot of bacteria on the hands. Frequent pockmarking will leave scars, and it is difficult to recover. We should pay attention to hygiene.

Method 2: do not squeeze when the smallpox imprint appears white head, otherwise it will appear imprint. Even if it is to squeeze, as far as possible to professional and formal acne institutions for help. In the development period of acne print, we should strengthen the sun protection of the skin. The invasion of ultraviolet light on the skin is very easy to cause melanin precipitation. When the acne mark is about to heal, the dark skin will be removed. At this time, we must not tear off the skin, otherwise the healing period will be prolonged.

Method 3: acne, acne, bulky pores and oily skin are close neighbors. As we all know, oily skin is prone to acne, because too much sebum can't be discharged from the sebaceous duct smoothly, and mixed with old waste cutin to form acne. The more the pores are supported by acne, the larger the pores are. Under the action of Corynebacterium acnes, hair follicles cause acne Inflammation, damaged and broken, forms acne.

matters needing attention

Bacteria are more likely to survive in alkaline environments, while healthy skin is slightly acidic. And sweat is weakly alkaline, so after sweating, if you don't dry your face, you will let your face stay in a weakly alkaline state, and bacteria will have an opportunity.