What does esophagus cancer stage 4 mean

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The staging of esophageal cancer, whether adenocarcinoma or squamous cell carcinoma, has lymph node or distant organ metastasis in the fourth stage. When it reaches the fourth stage, it can only be treated symptomatically. The application of cisplatin plus dopafine chemotherapy may have effect, but there is no consensus on whether the fourth stage is chemotherapy. When the esophageal cancer reaches the fourth stage, it is better not to carry out surgical treatment, At this time of surgery, the effect is particularly bad. Esophageal cancer stage 4 has metastasized to the lungs and lymph nodes, and now the body is no longer able to chemoradiotherapy.

What does esophagus cancer stage 4 mean

First of all, esophageal cancer metastasis is relatively sensitive to chemotherapy, can reduce the dose into single drug chemotherapy. Multiple metastases are not suitable for radiofrequency. At this time, the best way is to carry out conservative treatment, take medicine or chemotherapy. Only in this way can the situation be alleviated to a certain extent.

Secondly, when esophageal cancer stage IV, esophageal cancer metastasis to the liver, abdominal lymph node metastasis, more common. At present, there is no evidence of surgery, treatment strategy to reduce pain, as far as possible to extend the survival time. It can be treated by systemic chemotherapy, local palliative radiotherapy and supportive symptomatic treatment.

Finally, when esophageal cancer has reached stage IV, it proves that the condition is very serious. At this time, it's better to control the condition effectively according to your own physical condition, and then follow the doctor's arrangement, so as to extend your life. Otherwise, there is no way.

matters needing attention

People with esophageal cancer should pay attention to eating food rich in high-quality protein; It is advisable to eat food with anti-tumor effect; Appropriate to eat antibacterial anti-inflammatory food. Avoid spicy food; Pepper, pepper, ginger; Avoid carcinogenic substances; Chewing gum, cinnamon; Avoid greasy food; Lard, fat, mutton.