Small food for insomnia

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Now there are many people who are sleepy and can't sleep. It's all caused by insomnia. In fact, we don't know that onion and ginger are good things for insomnia. Let's share how to use small ingredients to treat insomnia easily.

Small food for insomnia

First: there are some seasonings in the kitchen, which have a good effect on insomnia, especially onion and ginger. The smell of onion and ginger can calm the nerves, inhibit the cerebral cortex, and smell these smell can help sleep.

Second: take an appropriate amount of onion, wash it clean, mash it, put it in a small bottle, cover it well, open the cover a little before going to bed, ask about its smell, and you can go to sleep in 10 minutes; you can also chop a piece of ginger, wrap it with gauze, put it on the pillow, smell the fragrant smell, and then you can go to sleep. These two methods are generally used for 10 days to a month, you will find that sleep will be significantly improved.

Third: you can also use onion to make a "sleeping drink" by yourself. You can slice half of the onion and soak it in a kilo of Shaojiu. Take it out after a week. Half an hour before going to bed every day, use 10 ml of onion wine, 90 mL of milk, an egg and half an apple to extract juice. Drink after mixing well. It will also have a good effect. (the taste is OK. The taste of onion wine is covered up. Don't worry about the strange smell.).

matters needing attention

It is suggested that people with insomnia should not eat spicy food such as pepper, scallion, pepper and mustard before going to bed, which can cause brain excitement and affect sleep.